What in the World is a Mermapillar?

ladybugs.pngEvery now and then, we come across some kind of organic clothing that we think is really special or unique. These organic cotton onesies by Mermapillar are one such example. As you probably know by now, organic cotton is mega-soft and is grown without the heavy pesticide load and processing chemicals associated with conventional cotton so two thumbs up for organic cotton, right? But the Mermapillar organic cotton onesies are special because you get to choose from 21 different little super-charming “merma-critter” appliques to be sewn on your item in the color of your choice so you essentially get a totally custom product. You can choose from hats, t-shirts, bibs, onesies and thermals to customize. Be warned, though…they’re so cute, you might be hard-pressed to choose just one!

 Find it Here: Mermapillar

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