Stainless Steel Stocking Stuffer

3303538b1fc5003727c18716a9f10ae2image300x300.jpgOne of the first things I did when I starting going green was to stop buying disposable water bottles. Ever since, I’ve been having fun trying out all of the different reusable bottles out there. One of my favorites is the Kleen Kanteen. While the colors and patterns are somewhat limited as compared to the Sigg, I personally love the simple, classic silver and so does my husband. But most of all, I love that the interior is made of non-leaching, high-grade stainless steel. My current dilemma, however, is that I only own one and my husband I fight over who gets to use it when we go out together. I guess we know what he’s getting in his stocking this year!

Find It Here: Natural Pod

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