Love at First Bite

I love Obento! No, really, I looooove Obento! What is I Love Obento? It’s only a fab online shop that sells the coolest Japanese bento boxes for adults and kids. If you haven’t made the jump away from disposable lunch sacks and baggies yet, you may feel compelled to after you check out the bento boxes at I Love Obento. Just prepare to not be able to make up your mind on which type of insanely cute bento box to purchase after 20 minutes of surfing the shop (oh wait…that was me last night). Made of polypropelene or ABS plastics, the bento boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Lunchtime is officially way more fun now!

Find It Here: I Love Obento!

Stay Tuned! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s giveaway from I Love Obento, when we’ll be giving away a $38 laptop lunch system!

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