Green Coupons!

We all know that organic foods cost a little more, but by using manufacturer coupons you can reduce the cost so you’re paying the same price as their non-organic counterparts. I’ve been using coupons for organic milk for the last several months and have noticed a significant savings. I’m saving about $1 per carton, and considering we go through 3 a week, that’s not too bad. I can use the extra $12 a month to support my Starbuck’s habit.

Don’t forget to check the weekly circulars for the grocery stores in your area. I’ve learned to plan my menu around their sales, and I always stock up when they put meat or chicken on sale. Those items (aside from diapers) seem to hurt the most when it comes to purchasing organic vs. non-organic. You can view all of your area circulars at My Grocery Deals.

Here are the manufacturers currently offering coupons (the specifics may have changed by the time you read this):

  1. Brown Cow: Makes a variety of yogurts.
  2. Coleman Natural: Receive $5 in coupons for completing a survey.
  3. Earthbound Farm Organic: This site has downloadable recipe books, coupons, and contests.
  4. Earth’s Best: They have great babyfood, and my kids love the Sesame Street crackers and cookies.
  5. Health Valley Organic:They have breakfast bars, cereal, crackers, and soup.
  6. Horizon Organic: They have coupons for all sorts of dairy products. I get a lot $1 off coupons for milk from them.
  7. Laura’s Lean Beef: Sign up and receive $1 off coupons.
  8. Little Crow Foods: Sign up and they will send you 5 coupons in the mail.
  9. Nature Made Vitamins: Receive a free 14 day supply of vitamins. I got my vitamins in 3 weeks.
  10. Organic Valley Farms: Seven $1 off coupons for dairy products including milk.
  11. R.W. Knudsen Family Juices: $1 off an 8-pack of juice boxes.
  12. San-J: Sign up to receive coupons for Asian cooking sauces, salad dressings, and soups.
  13. Seventh Generation: I know this isn’t food, but they have $6 worth of coupons for paper products on their site.
  14. Stonyfield Farm: They will email you coupons for milk, yogurt, smoothies, and Yo-Baby products.
  15. Turtle Mountain: Coupons for dairy free frozen desserts.
  16. Country Choice Organics: They produce cereals, snacks, and cookies. Sign up for a newsletter that contains coupons.
  17. Simply Organics: They have coupons for spices, dips, dressings, and grinders.

Know of any other sources for green/organic coupons? Share them in the comments!

Author Patricia Wooster is the founder of the Project Organic Eating blog, where healthy eating meets affordability!

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