Eco-Learning and Green Gaming!

ec.pngTeaching our children about caring for the planet has definitely become easier with the internet but it’s safe to assume all moms, green or not, harbor some concerns about the type of websites their children view. Well, way back in 1994, when the internet was barely a blip on the world’s radar screen, the awesome EcoKids was started as an online environmental educational program. This interactive and award-winning website offers topical games and activities that will encourage your kid to become a savvy environmentalist and it’s totally free!  No logins or passwords or special codes (that must be purchased along with a toy or stuffed animal) are needed to utilize this great green site.  Kids can pick from dozens of games in six different categories: Wildlife, Climate Change, Energy, The North, Waste, and Land Use and learn while they play. Oh, and if you find yourself playing the games or taking the quizzes along with your kids, don’t worry—we do it, too!

Find It Here: EcoKids Game and Activities