You’ll Be Drooling Over These Wipes

dscn04680.jpgBaby drool. It’s just a fact of life when you’ve got a child under the age of six months. And let’s be honest, your baby’s drool isn’t really that yucky. In fact, it’s kind of cute—because everything about your baby is cute, right? And yet, regardless of how absolutely precious your baby’s drool is, it’s still great to have something to wipe it up with—preferably something reusable and preferably something soft. That’s where Lauren Faye Baby’s wipes come in pretty darn handy.  In your mind, try to picture fabric that’s a cross between the softness of cotton candy and a super fluffy cotton ball. Turn that into a cloth wipe for baby and you’ve got Lauren Faye Baby wipes. Made in Texas of minky dot fabric on the front and 100% cotton terry cloth on the back, we think they’re especially great as an alternative to using disposable wipes during diaper changes.

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