Green Collar Veterans

With Veteran’s Day fast approaching, I wondered what might be a good way to offer my own salute to veterans—veterans like my father (Army) and father-in-law (Navy)—and to those of you who are (or have a  loved one) serving in our armed forces.

That’s when I discovered Bio Liberty, a group working out of the Louisiana area that seeks to train returning veterans in the creation of biofuels. After receiving training, vets who can then go out and share that knowledge with the community.

Under a flag of “make levees, not war,” Bio Liberty founder Gordon Soderberg designed this social network not only to market his veteran-owned and veteran-run business in terms of biofuels and other alternative energies, but to “demonstrate a sustainable business model” and employ veterans in much-ballyhooed (and with good reason) green-collar jobs.

Love ’em or hate ’em, biofuels are a critical component in achieving the intertwined goals of achieving energy independence, halting the break-neck pace of climate change, and preserving the Earth’s waters, air, and lands for future generations—and if Bio Liberty has anything to say about it, it may well become 100% natural to associate military members with saving the world’s natural resources.

Check out the social network at Bio Liberty’s home base, which includes links to videos and a radio interview with founder Gordon Soderberg.

If you are a veteran in the Washington area, the Veterans Conservation Corps might also be able to provide information on volunteering to preserve northwestern streams and wetlands.

Also check out the wealth of information found at Veterans Green-Jobs Alliance.

Finally, don’t forget to give a big, green thank-you to a veteran or currently serving military member on Nov. 11.

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