Bummas for Lil’ Bums

bummas1.jpgKeep diaper rash at bay, the Bummas way! So what are Bummas you ask? Well, they are soft little cloth wipes made of 100% cotton – woven velour terry cloth to be exact. Now doesn’t that sound like something baby deserves to be cleaned with? Who wants to use those harsh, disposable wipes anyway? If my one-year-old could talk, I know he’d be saying…”choose the terry cloth!” So we know baby’s vote, but I’m all for ditching the disposable wipes anyway… if only for all the money it will save me. With a baby in diapers I spend a ton on disposable wipes that will eventually end up in landfills (ugh!). Switching to cloth wipes seems like a win-win all around. I save money, we all save landfill space, and my baby’s bum has never been happier!

Find It Here: Bummas

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