The Truth About Pets & Chemicals

catdog.jpgWhen it comes to chemicals in the United States, there’s a common misconception that if something were dangerous, it wouldn’t be on the market. Fortunately, thanks to the work of organizations like Environmental Working Group, word is getting out that many chemicals are, in fact, not safe and, shockingly, many have never even been tested for safety — meaning the chemicals in your baby products, food, cosmetics and other household products are potentially harmful to you and your family’s long-term health. One area that hasn’t gotten quite so much press is how the various chemicals that are used by millions of people every day affect our beloved pets. Environmental Working Group has put together an excellent resource site on this very topic called Pets for the Environment and I’ve also come across a must-see short documentary about the effects of commonly used lawn chemicals on our companion animals — if you love your pets, and I know you do, please take a moment to watch The Truth About Cats, Dogs, and Lawn Chemicals and then visit Pets for the Environment for comprehensive info on how to safeguard your furry family members from chemical exposure. They’re counting on you!