Rockin’ the Lip Balm

thumbnailimg.gifI’m pretty choosy when it comes to what I put on my kisser and you can call me crazy if you want but I don’t like the idea of lead — or any other toxic substance for that matter — in something I put on my lips. Now that we’re heading into the fall/winter season, I have been on the lookout for a good lip balm and I’ve definitely found it in Rockstar Baby Organics Lip Balm. Packaged in a slim little stick about the size of my index finger, this lip balm smells and works great and we’re most impressed with what’s NOT in it: parabens, petrochemicals and artificial colors. We also like that Rockstar Lip Balm is only $3.99. So pucker up, baby — this rockin’ lip balm is so awesome you’ll want to kiss it.

Find It Here: Cooler Choices