A Greener Disney

dis_banner.gifThe Walt Disney Company recognizes the danger of cleaning chemicals for their animals living in their Animal Kingdom, but the same care is not taken in the other parks, hotels and restaurants.  Disney makes millions from their theme parks, and now it is time for them to act for the sake of our childrens health.  The Center for Health, Environment and Justice is waging a campaign to persuade Disney to adopt a Green Cleaning Purchasing Policy and phase out the use of 84 toxic cleaning products.  On October 29, 2008, the National Day of Action, join in a worthy cause by signing a postcard to send to Disney.  Other ways you can act? Host a green cleaning party and join other groups and families calling for a healthier environment for children and Disney employees.  Let’s send the message that safer, greener cleaning is not a fad, but an important issue that needs to be addressed, not just for the animals but for everyone!

Find it Here: The Day of Action

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