Luxury Repurposed

blanket_pastel_couch_lowres.jpgWe all deserve a little luxury once in awhile, don’t we?  What if that luxury came in the form of a delicious blanket made from super soft cashmere?  Oh, and even better, what if this one-of-a-kind gem was also eco-friendly?  No need to despair, dear reader, for you are most definitely not dreaming. Kistner Supply, a Chicago-based company, creates beautiful handmade cashmere baby blankets made from lush 2-ply recycled cashmere. Made in the USA and handsewn with pure silk thread by the mother of Elizabeth Brantley, each blanket is a patchwork of a color-combinations made of repurposed cashmere goodies that have gone on to live a second life as an heirloom quality blanket that your child (or you!) will treasure for years to come. Oh, and should your Kistner Supply blanket be, literally, loved to pieces, they will happily repair it for you!

Find It Here: Kistner Supply