$140 Seventh Generation Giveaway!

410o2upzr8l_sl500_aa280_.jpgYep, we’re giving away a ton of cool stuff courtesy of Seventh Generation. Squeee! It would take me about 5000 words to tell you about all of their products so I’m just going to highlight a couple of their baby items today, like the Seventh Generation wipes which are, hands down, my favorite brand. Their wipes are always really moist (especially the ones that come in the fill packs…my advice is to get those and forget buying the new box every time). Their disposable diapers aren’t bad either. (Did I just say disposable and diaper in the same sentence?) Oh yes, that’s right. I *gasp* do use disposables. I cannot tell a lie. I’ve also used cloth, as well, and go back and forth. Admittedly, I’m not perfect — so, if like me, you set out intending to use cloth diapers but you don’t quite make it happen and you’re looking for something disposable, then Seventh Generation is a pretty good option. First off, they work well. I have yet to have a leak and I have used them with my son overnight, after a marathon breastfeeding session, so I consider them well-tested! The diapers are fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex-free. Additionally, the wipes are hypo-allergenic, whitened without chlorine bleach, unscented and alcohol free. Also, because their diapers and wipes are chlorine-free, they won’t contribute to toxic dioxin pollution. In the name of full disclosure, Seventh Generation diapers, like other disposable diapers, are made with man-made materials that are petroleum-derived (not so great). So yes, cloth is definitely the greenest option, but if you’re not quite ready to do cloth yet, Seventh Generation is worth a look!

Find It Here: Seventh Generation

Win It! Win an awesomely huge prize package of Seventh Generation products worth $140, including a package of diapers and wipes; phosphate and chlorine free automatic dishwasher detergent; natural kitchen cleaner; natural all-purpose cleaner; natural glass and surface cleaner; natural shower cleaner; natural toilet bowl cleaner’ natural tub and tile cleaner; and natural laundry detergent. Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “SG55” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is the name of your favorite Seventh Generation product? U.S. and Canadian residents eligible. Enter by 10/17/08. Giveaway closed. Congrats, Leigh!