The Greenest Thing to Do with a Pumpkin

1389024256_8efeb824e6_m.jpgAfter all the trick-or-treating is done this year and Halloween is over, you just might have an uncarved pumpkin or two hanging around the house. And what’s the greenest thing to do with an uncarved pumpkin after it’s done gracing your porch? Well, eat it of course!

With that in that in mind, we scoured around for some of the tastiest looking pumpkin recipes on the web. Please enjoy these links to a few of the best we found!

Oh, and don’t forget to toast the seeds!

Happy Halloween from the moms of Green Mom Finds!

[photo via Jiffy Cat]

The Thermos is Back, Baby

yhst-83333507685311_2024_22889588.gifRemember when bringing a thermos to school was dorky, nerdy, so… not cool? Well, times have changed and the thermos is now all the rage. And why not? Thermoses are one of the best inventions EVER in my estimation. I mean, anything that can keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for hours…well, what’s not to love? And so it was with great anticipation and a wee bit of excitement that I was able to recently try out the Foogo stainless steel “food jar”. In pink or blue, at 10 oz. it’s the perfect size for a lunch-size soup. Perhaps Foogo is still too scared to call it what it really is—a thermos—but whatever, I like it!

Find It Here: The Soft Landing

8 Ways to Green Your Bathroom

Over the past few months, I’ve posted little things here and there that I’ve done to be cheap and green. So I thought I’d put all of those hints in one list. Most of these things cost little or nothing.

Using plain old bar soap over liquid soap has a couple benefits. Bars are cheaper than the liquid soap, it lasts longer than liquid does and it reduces waste (no plastic bottles to recycle). I’ll be honest, this was a little bit of a difficult transition for me…the liquid pump bottles are just so easy, but after a month or so I’ve grown used to it and so has my family.


My husband uses shampoo more quickly than anyone I know. He can easily polish off a whole bottle in a week. My solution to save money? Pour the shampoo in one of the old liquid soap bottles! Instead of squeezing a big handful of shampoo out, we pump the dispenser twice. That seems to be enough to get a good lather and uses less shampoo. That saves money AND reduces the number of shampoo bottles we need to buy. Eventually, I’d like to move on to bar shampoo, but I’ve yet to find one that I like.


You know how your soap ends up as tiny shards and chunks? I bought this little soap bag on eBay that you put those soap bits into. They lather up even better than soap alone and the bag is like a loofah. The husband loves this! Read the rest of this entry »

$50 Giveaway – Lunch & Go

yhst-83333507685311_2024_22961134.gifIs melamine safe? What did the FDA say about BPA safety? Which are the bad plastics again? If these kinds of questions have ever kept you up at night, then you will love The Soft Landing Blog, one of my favorite places to get the latest information about safer plastics and feeding products for kids. I love their informative articles, as well as their great (and free!) Guide to Feeding Baby Safely.

Now to the fun stuff – The Soft Landing is holding a special giveaway just for Green Mom Finds’ readers in honor of the launch of their newly designed website. We’re giving away $50 of Aladdin lunch gear – everything you’ll need to make a waste-free lunch, including a Lunch & Go Lunchbox, a Lunch & Go Mini Lunchbox, a Lunch & Go Salad Set,  and a Clean & Clever Water Bottle. All products are free of PVC, phthalates and BPA!

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Deal! Receive 10% off purchases at The Soft Landing’s store with code gmf1008. Expires 11/15/08. Plus, free FedEx shipping for orders over $100 (continental 48 states).

Swooning Over Squishy Sushi

il_430xn33270025.jpgWhen I was in Italy many years ago, I fell in love with Venetian glass pendants. I had to buy one for everyone I knew! The same thing happened to me recently when I stumbled upon these recycled scrabble pendants from Squishy Sushi. I met the San Francisco-based owner and jewelry designer herself at a local craft fair in California where I promptly purchased the most beautiful pendant which I plan to give away (reluctantly!) as a Christmas gift to my sister-in-law. The pendants remind me of the Venetian glass pendants I loved so much, yet they have a decidedly oriental, rather than Italian, flair. Also, the fact that they are designed and hand-made right here in the U.S.A out of old scrabble pieces and recycled papers and magazines makes them totally eco-friendly and fun too – flip ’em over and you’ll find the scrabble letter! At only six dollars each, including the coordinated gift box, I’d say these are one of my best finds of the year.

Find It Here: Squishy Sushi

Deal! Receive free shipping on any purchase until 10/31/08. Plus, just for GMF readers, receive a free necklace with purchase – simply mention that you were referred by GMF in the notes to the seller.

New Native

80.jpgHave you heard of New Native? They make the most awesome organic cotton baby pouches — in addition to practicing the environmental and social responsibility that we adore at The Green Mom Review! And because we think their products rock, we’re giving away one medium-sized organic cotton baby pouch which will fit a woman who measures 34-39″ above the chest (it can be exchanged if the fit isn’t right), valued at $65. If you can’t take our word for it, check out all the celebs who also love the New Native pouches, which, by the way, are constructed right here in the good old USA by working moms.

Find It Here: New Native

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