Totally Sustainable, Totally Bamboo

20-1200-kauai.jpgAs a grass, bamboo grows very quickly and can regenerate in three to five years. This is one of the reasons that bamboo is often seen as a sustainable “green alternative” and makes us love it for cutting boards in lieu of wood or plastic. Yet, there are some concerns about the manufacturing of bamboo, as well as worries about clear-cutting and fertilizer use. Sheesh. Can’t anything ever be cut and dry? I guess it might be greener to salvage a cement slab and use that as a cutting board, though it wouldn’t be quite as attractive as the bamboo variety. So for now, we’re going to skip the cement (and also the plastic) in favor of these handsome cutting boards from Totally Bamboo. My favorite is the Hawaiian collection with the African collection coming in at a close second. They’re so pretty that when they’re not in use, you’ll be tempted to put them on display. I could never say that about my ugly old plastic cutting boards (that I now have to try and recycle!)

Find It Here: Totally Bamboo