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product_31_opening.jpgAs a self-proclaimed “lactivist”, I’m all for breastfeeding in public, whenever and wherever needed. In fact, I don’t even mind whipping my breast out uncovered if need be (really!).  Typically, though, I use a nursing cover.  But now I have an even better option — Momzelle’s breastfeeding apparel. Made in Canada of 100% organic cotton, Momzelle’s simple black nursingwear pieces make breastfeeding convenient and stylish. And when I read that they are “designed to flatter the postpartum figure,” I was like SOLD!!! Plus, they are made for moms by a mom (bonus points) and they are eco-friendly and made ethically. Above all, no one will ever guess that you’re wearing a nursing top  —  that is, until you pull down that flap 🙂

Find It Here: Momzelle

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Green Vacay!

picture-1.pngImagine taking a beach vacation somewhere. Mmmm, nice. Now imagine having the peace of mind that your accommodations are not only designed with eco-awareness, but also designed to vastly decrease your exposure to the chemicals and toxins typically found in furniture, flooring, paint, water, linens etc. which is especially ideal for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities. At CleanStay Non-Toxic Vacation Rentals on Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, you don’t need to use your imagination — all of the beds and furniture have been treated and off gassed to protect you from harmful chemicals and formaldehyde, all quilts, blankets, linens, and towels are 100% cotton and all cookware is safe and non-leaching. Other eco and health friendly features include:

  • Tile & Hardwood Throughout
  • Whole House H20 Filtration System
  • Air Filtration System
  • Non-Toxic Water Based VOC Free Paint & Sealers
  • Grocery store nearby with organic & gluten-free products

Additionally, guests are asked to please refrain from the use of tobacco, toxic fragrances, chemicals or harmful cleaning products while at CleanStay. Now, we haven’t actually patronized CleanStay but we still think it sounds pretty awesome, especially for folks who really need to stay away from nasty chemicals and of course, we’d totally love to visit for purposes of, you know, doing an in-depth review. Subtle, aren’t I?  😉

Find It Here: CleanStay Non-Toxic Vacation Rentals

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Scoot Over to Scooterbees

z1-img_2942.JPG There’s only one thing cuter than baby feet and that’s baby feet in little booties (chemical-free and earth-friendly booties, that is!) If you’re in the market for shoes to adorn your 0-24 month old, then check out Scooterbees. Designed and manufactured in San Francisco, California, Scooterbees are made of Sensuede, which is 100% post-consumer and post-industrial polyester that is certified for OekoTex and ISO 14001. Translation: You aren’t getting loads of nasty chemicals with these shoes. In fact, they are PVC-free, latex-free, chloride-free, dioxin-free, and phthalate-free, making them pretty worry-free as well! Lined with super soft and naturally antibacterial bamboo velour, these machine-washable little booties are as kind to the Earth as they are your wee one’s precious little piggies, which makes you wonder — why can’t all shoes be this awesome?

Find It Here: Cooler Choices

Green Mom Discount! Receive 20% off any purchase from Cooler Choices (excluding diapers and wipes). Use code “greenmom” at checkout. Expires 10/31/08.

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Bulk Bin Buying Just Got Sexier

il_430xn32797794.jpgI’m like a kid in a candy store when perusing the bulk food bins at my local natural foods store. But I always cringe when I scoop my beans, rice or nuts into a plastic or paper bag —  so NOT green… Fortunately, I have found the perfect way to buy in bulk without having to use a disposable bag – thanks to the Etsy shop Plum Creek Mercantile. Their 100% cotton bulk food bags are made with the cutest fabrics and they are all hand sewn. The genius part is that they are sized to fit a gallon jar or a quart jar, which means that when you get home, you will have the perfect quantity for your storage container. No more guessing and no more waste! The bags even come with a grease pen so you can mark the bin number on the bag.

Find It Here: Plum Creek Mercantile

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This Takes The Cake

pc001.jpgLooking for an original AND green gift with some flair for your next baby shower? Check out these diaper cakes from GrowInStyle. We know you’re rolling your eyes but trust us, these are NOT your typical diaper cakes. For starters, they’re made with eco-friendly disposable diapers! They’re also handmade-to-order in the U.S. and come in an array of sizes and styles. My personal fave is the Dragon Fly Pound Cake, which comes with a natural rubber teething toy and 20 size 1 Nature BabyCare diapers. If you need something a little bigger, you might like the Trusty Tractor Diaper Cake for boys with 80 diapers or the Pink Rose Bouquet Pound Cake with 40 diapers, an organic cotton receiving blanket, baby blanket, socks and more.  For those on a diet (read: budget), they even have the cutest little cupcakes. If you still can’t decide, just customize your own! Diaper cakes come with either Nature BabyCare (which we’ve covered on Green Mom Finds before) or Seventh Generation. And for all you die hard greenies, cloth diaper cakes may become available in the future so keep checking back!

Find It Here: GrowInStyle

Win It! We’re giving away a Dragon Fly Pound Cake from GrowInStyle! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “GIS63” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What is your favorite diaper cake from GrowInStyle? U.S. residents eligible. Enter by 9/22/08. Contest closed. Congrats, Danielle W.

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Yarn Man Cap

818_large.jpg Have you heard the hat is back? It is! And while your man may never have envisioned himself wearing a knitted cap, just wait until he sees this one — made of hemp, organic cotton and wool, the Yarn Man Cap is sustainable and hip, to boot. If this one doesn’t do it for you, then check out the more than 40 styles of men’s hats available from Sustainable Style. Each unique hat blends sustainability (duh!) and style with fabrics like hemp, fabric scraps, salvaged wool, and organic cotton. Doing something good for the environment has never looked so cool!

Find It Here: Sustainable Style

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