Feelin’ Kinda Sassy

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Despite the recent FDA’s claims that BPA is safe, we at The Green Mom Review are still huge proponents of BPA-free products. We’re not taking any chances with our children’s health and that includes keeping the endocrine disruptors out of our kids’ bodies. Sorry, BPA – that means you! That said, we are happy to tell you where you can find some really practical children’s feeding products that are BPA-free, kid-friendly and affordable – like these products from Sassy available at The Soft Landing. The Sassy Feeding Plate Set with covers is my absolute favorite for taking the kids on a picnic. They’re a great alternative to bringing disposable paper plates and they come with a snap-on cover, which means you don’t have to worry about taking messy plates home with you. Or step it up a notch with the On the Go Feeding Set (pictured here) which includes several compartments and a lid. The Extra Gentle Soft Tip Spoons are great for the early feeder and the Feeding Bowl Set is nice for toddler snacks or infant feeding. Check out all the Sassy products here, and mix and match for the perfect BPA-free feeding set for your kids!

Find It Here: The Soft Landing

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*Editor’s Note: We recently found out that several feeding products manufactured by Sassy do contain BPA, including some of the products reviewed in this post. Please visit The Soft Landing for more details on which products contain BPA as well as information about how to seek reimbursement if you have purchased any BPA-containing products. Please note that this information was not available to The Green Mom Review at the time of our original post. Thank you to The Soft Landing for keeping everyone informed about this and continuing their committment to BPA-free product sales.