Green Vacay!

picture-1.pngImagine taking a beach vacation somewhere. Mmmm, nice. Now imagine having the peace of mind that your accommodations are not only designed with eco-awareness, but also designed to vastly decrease your exposure to the chemicals and toxins typically found in furniture, flooring, paint, water, linens etc. which is especially ideal for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities. At CleanStay Non-Toxic Vacation Rentals on Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, you don’t need to use your imagination — all of the beds and furniture have been treated and off gassed to protect you from harmful chemicals and formaldehyde, all quilts, blankets, linens, and towels are 100% cotton and all cookware is safe and non-leaching. Other eco and health friendly features include:

  • Tile & Hardwood Throughout
  • Whole House H20 Filtration System
  • Air Filtration System
  • Non-Toxic Water Based VOC Free Paint & Sealers
  • Grocery store nearby with organic & gluten-free products

Additionally, guests are asked to please refrain from the use of tobacco, toxic fragrances, chemicals or harmful cleaning products while at CleanStay. Now, we haven’t actually patronized CleanStay but we still think it sounds pretty awesome, especially for folks who really need to stay away from nasty chemicals and of course, we’d totally love to visit for purposes of, you know, doing an in-depth review. Subtle, aren’t I?  😉

Find It Here: CleanStay Non-Toxic Vacation Rentals