Too Cool for School

4a4d9b0fcd1843df59ae01246d48211c.jpgWe’re tipping our hat to SafeMama today for finding one of the coolest, non-cartoony yet totally fun lunchbox lines for children that we’ve seen. The lunchboxes are PVC and phthalate free with lead-free linings and meet U.S. and European Consumer Product Safety Standards. Now that we got all the important safety stuff out of the way, we can gush about the bright colors and fun designs on these babies. The girls of the world box is my fave for girls, while boys will probably have trouble deciding between dump trucks and dinosaurs. And that’s just for starters. With more than 15 styles available, your child should have no problem finding one she or he will love. And for mom? You’ll feel good knowing that your child’s lunch is going to be free of icky chemicals. All that for under 20 bucks. This might just be the best back-to-school deal around!

Find It Here: Crocodile Creek