The Green Hour

The Green HourHave you heard the news? Americans are suffering from “nature deficit disorder.” Translation: Most of us don’t get outside or do things within nature enough. Now just so you know that I’m not finger-pointing at all you indoorsy types, I will confess that I, myself, am a woman who isn’t fond of going outside from May to October because I detest sweating. But seriously, this nature deficit thing is not good for us and it’s really not good for our kids. According to The Green Hour, there is a growing body of research that indicates that children who spend time outdoors are healthier, overall, than their indoor counterparts and children who regularly spend unstructured time outside:

    • Play more creatively
    • Have lower stress levels
    • Have more active imaginations
    • Become fitter and leaner
    • Develop stronger immune systems
    • Experience fewer symptoms of ADD and ADHD
    • Have greater respect for themselves, for others, and for the environment

Yeah, that list really got my attention, too, and thus, I am making the commitment to get myself and my kids outside for an hour (the green hour!) everyday. Well, maybe a half hour to start (it’s REALLY HOT here) and on the weekends, I’d like to get them into some seriously natural nature, like NOT in my backyard. If you want to do it, too, and need help finding the greatest of the great outdoors in your area, consult The Green Hour’s NatureFind tool. You supply your zip code and it magically produces a tidy list of nature-centric locations with web links, distance from your starting point, and the recreational opportunities available at each location. It’s easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. (And if you know where that phrase comes from, you, like me, have watched entirely too much children’s programming and need to get outside as soon as possible. MUST! DEPROGRAM! BRAIN!)

Find It Here: The Green Hour