School Shopping: Lunchboxing It

lunchboxshop_2012_790122.gifIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s time for school shopping and for me, it might as well be Christmas thanks to a lifelong love of school and office supplies. Of course, these days the school shopping is actually for my kids rather than myself but that’s okay — it’s still exciting. And at the top of the FUN list is picking out a lunchbox! The thing about lunchboxes is that they can contain lead and PVC — neither of which you want your child handling or coming in contact with their food. So…finding a good, safe lunchbox should be a top priority and lucky for everyone, there are lots of safe options (see list below). In addition to a non-toxic lunchbox, don’t forget about what goes IN to the lunchbox like reusable bottles for beverages, cloth napkins (pick up an assortment for next to nothing at thrift stores), non-disposable utensils (grab some from a a yard sale or thrift store if you’re afraid of using your regular silverware) and reusable containers.
Find it Here:’s Assorted Lead-Free Metal Lunchboxes (some are not for kids)
Cool Lunch Bag’s Lunch Sacks and Character Lunch Bags
BUILT’s Tortuga Lunch Tote
Fleurville’s Lunch Pak and Lunch Buddy
Basura Bag’s Small Insulated Lunch Bag and Mini Messenger Bag
Mimi the Sardine’s Modern Cloth Lunch Backpack and Lunch Bag
Camelbak’s Reusable Better Bottle (BPA free)
Thermos’ Foogo Stainless Steel Reusable Bottle (BPA & PVC free)
Thermos’ Foogo Stainless Steel Food Container (BPA & PVC free)