School Shopping: Green School Supplies

greenapple2.pngAs part of our “school shopping” series, we would be remiss not to cover school supplies themselves. If you think about how many kids attend school and how many school supply items they all need, it would probably make a mountain of stuff and another mountain just from packaging waste. And yet, there aren’t a lot of options on the shelf of your local WalMart. So what’s a green mom or dad to do? Well, as it happens, we DO have options — many, many options, including these cool green back-to-school kits in which you just order the whole kit and forgo the school supply hunt at your local discount store. Some schools actually distribute lists of what kids need to bring so you may need to order a few other things to supplement the kit but 1) you’re not driving around from store to store which is fabulous for obvious reasons and 2) the items you’re purchasing are green or at the very least, less bad than their conventional counterparts and sometimes? That’s all we can do. Happy headache-free green school shopping!

Find It Here: The Green Office

Other Green Office and School Supply Suppliers:

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