Mowing the Reel Way

reelmowerWith their loud engines and nasty gas fumes, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would find cutting the lawn with a gas-powered mower to be relaxing. On the other hand, using a push reel mower actually could be a relaxing experience because hello? No ear-splitting combustion engine, no fumes, no filling the old gas can, no carbon guilt! Push reel mowers are a real classic that have been around since your grandfather’s day but the modern incarnations are much lighter and easier to use.  And of course, there’s the whole environmentally-friendly aspect — reel mowers cut the grass blades like a scissor and leave fine mulch clippings behind to further feed the lawn. Get yourself a push reel mower and you’ll be the quietest lawn groomer on the block plus you’ll actually be able to hear your neighbor say hi while you’re cutting away, providing the perfect opportunity to tell them all about your groovy green mower!

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