Like A Big, Fluffy Hug

csc08vf97.jpg Towels are something I don’t skimp on. I want a big nice, fluffy towel to wrap myself in after a bath. Correction — I deserve a nice big fluffy towel to wrap myself in after a bath. After all, and I think this goes without saying, it’s hard being a mom and thus, I get to spoil myself now and then! My new favorite way to spoil myself (after giving myself a long hot bath…with a book…and a sinful chocolate dessert) is to dry off with a bamboo towel from The Company Store. Over the years, I’ve bought many cotton towels and I have to say that they don’t hold a candle to the bamboo variety. It’s softer, fluffier and in my estimation, stays that way longer than cotton. Bamboo fabrics are also naturally anti-bacterial, which means that your towels naturally stay fresh-smelling longer. And did I mention how absorbent they are? And fluffy? And soft? And, and, and….what are you waiting for? If you need a new towel or two, these won’t disappoint.

Find It Here: The Company Store

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