Green Mom Consumer Safety Action Alert

action.pngThe products that we buy for our bodies, our kids, and our home are frequently loaded with chemicals that are very likely to be harmful to human health, many of which have never even been tested for safety. Now, Californians are blazing a trail to better chemical regulation and consumer awareness!  Two critical bills are up for a vote in the California legislature this week. AB 1879 would enable the state to regulate the use of all dangerous chemicals in consumer products. SB 509 would authorize the state to create an online database of chemicals to serve as a clearinghouse for businesses and consumers to search for a chemical and learn the hazards associated with it. The Breast Cancer Fund has stated that if these laws are enacted, they will lay a framework for a broader chemical policy overhaul in the state. If you are a Californian, now is the time to send a message to your representatives to tell them that you want them to vote for these bills!

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