index_01.jpgIf you’ve ever been to a trade show or convention, you know about the swag (actually an acronym for “stuff we all get”). In plain English, it’s all the promotional junk that you get and give to your kids as “souvenirs.” Imagine how much of that stuff gets produced and given out every day all over the country — that’s a lot of stuff! Now imagine that all that stuff was biodegradable, recycled, fair trade, sustainably-produces or some other flavor of green. Much better, right? Of course, we at The Green Mom Review are always in favor of less consumption across the board but if you’re going to give out branded items regardless (at your meeting, conference, family reunion etc), it would be awesome to do it in an eco-friendlier way and that’s where EcoBranders comes in. They have all the same stuff the regular promotional products companies have except it’s greener and every single item can have YOUR logo, design or name on it. Pretty cool, huh? Makes me wish I’d thought of it first!

Find It Here: EcoBranders