Eco-Dough for Eco Kids

ecokids.jpgLooking for a play dough that is all-natural and made without chemicals or artificial dyes? Want to support a mom of three with a passion for making safer products? Then look no further than Eco-Kids non-toxic, non-staining eco-dough. The vibrant colors of this play dough come from plant and vegetable extracts and for those with allergies, Eco-Kids comes in a gluten/soy/dairy-free variety, which we LOVE, especially since conventional play dough often contains wheat. Now before you question the packaging…don’t fret. It may look like the containers are plastic but would  any self-respecting eco-dough come in a plastic container? No way! The packaging is made from cornstarch and is 100% compostable. Just throw in a bamboo rolling pin (only $3.00 – score!) and let the kids have at it!

Find It Here: Eco Kids

Win It! We’re giving away a tube of six 3 oz. containers of eco-dough and a sustainable bamboo rolling pin! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “EK54” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What else besides play dough does Eco Kids sell? U.S. residents eligible. Enter by 9/2/08. Contest closed. Congrats to Terry C.!