Too Cool for School

4a4d9b0fcd1843df59ae01246d48211c.jpgWe’re tipping our hat to SafeMama today for finding one of the coolest, non-cartoony yet totally fun lunchbox lines for children that we’ve seen. The lunchboxes are PVC and phthalate free with lead-free linings and meet U.S. and European Consumer Product Safety Standards. Now that we got all the important safety stuff out of the way, we can gush about the bright colors and fun designs on these babies. The girls of the world box is my fave for girls, while boys will probably have trouble deciding between dump trucks and dinosaurs. And that’s just for starters. With more than 15 styles available, your child should have no problem finding one she or he will love. And for mom? You’ll feel good knowing that your child’s lunch is going to be free of icky chemicals. All that for under 20 bucks. This might just be the best back-to-school deal around!

Find It Here: Crocodile Creek

Go Green Tube

avw-1.jpgYou’ve heard of Youtube, right? You know, the video repository of the masses that has brought us such gems as the hugging video and the dancing around the world guy? Good stuff, indeed. But when you’re looking for actual information or inspiration on green living, Youtube doesn’t exactly make it easy. You type “green” in the search field and you get to wade through videos about Kermit the Frog, marijuana and Green Day. Not exactly what you had in mind? No worries, mon, because now there’s Go Green Tube and every video is related in some way to earth, eco and environmental topics that encompass everything from the purely informational to the very entertaining and everything in between. Seriously, if you have any interest whatsoever in green living, news, activism or anything else under the green umbrella, Go Green Tube is the place to go.

Find It Here: Go Green Tube

Green Mom Consumer Safety Action Alert

action.pngThe products that we buy for our bodies, our kids, and our home are frequently loaded with chemicals that are very likely to be harmful to human health, many of which have never even been tested for safety. Now, Californians are blazing a trail to better chemical regulation and consumer awareness!  Two critical bills are up for a vote in the California legislature this week. AB 1879 would enable the state to regulate the use of all dangerous chemicals in consumer products. SB 509 would authorize the state to create an online database of chemicals to serve as a clearinghouse for businesses and consumers to search for a chemical and learn the hazards associated with it. The Breast Cancer Fund has stated that if these laws are enacted, they will lay a framework for a broader chemical policy overhaul in the state. If you are a Californian, now is the time to send a message to your representatives to tell them that you want them to vote for these bills!

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Sustainability with Style

17770-fossillarge.jpgThe first thing you should know about Graham & Brown is that they take great pride in producing beautiful lines of wallpaper. But one line, the Eco-Collection, is very special because it’s earth-friendly. Oh sure, it may look like regular wallpaper, but don’t be fooled by the term “earth-friendly” which could possibly connote something resembling a dull recycled paper bag. No, Graham & Brown’s line of eco-friendly wallpaper is not only gorgeous, unique and fashion-forward, it’s also printed on paper from managed timber sources using purely-water based inks, products are made from at least 50% renewable sources and each roll is even packaged in compostable materials made from corn. Self-proclaimed treehuggers, the Graham & Brown company takes sustainability with style to a whole new level, with nary a granola bar in sight!

Find It Here: Graham & Brown

Eco-Dough for Eco Kids

ecokids.jpgLooking for a play dough that is all-natural and made without chemicals or artificial dyes? Want to support a mom of three with a passion for making safer products? Then look no further than Eco-Kids non-toxic, non-staining eco-dough. The vibrant colors of this play dough come from plant and vegetable extracts and for those with allergies, Eco-Kids comes in a gluten/soy/dairy-free variety, which we LOVE, especially since conventional play dough often contains wheat. Now before you question the packaging…don’t fret. It may look like the containers are plastic but would  any self-respecting eco-dough come in a plastic container? No way! The packaging is made from cornstarch and is 100% compostable. Just throw in a bamboo rolling pin (only $3.00 – score!) and let the kids have at it!

Find It Here: Eco Kids

Win It! We’re giving away a tube of six 3 oz. containers of eco-dough and a sustainable bamboo rolling pin! Click here to fill out our simple entry form. Just enter “EK54” as the giveaway name and provide the answer to this question: What else besides play dough does Eco Kids sell? U.S. residents eligible. Enter by 9/2/08. Contest closed. Congrats to Terry C.!

Fabulous Fabkins – Forum Giveaway!

fab.jpgIt was love at first bite when we first heard about Fabkins – you know, the wicked cute line of cloth napkins for kids that are so totally adorable that no mom could ever not want to pack her kids a waste-free lunch? Well, just in time for back-to-school, we are giving away a set of five Fabkins in winner’s choice of style. Just click over to the Green Mom Forum to enter and get ready to pack your kids a waste-free lunch that is fabkin-tabulous! (U.S. residents eligible, enter by 9/1/08.)

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