On The Ball Food Preservation

51g3y8pre3l_sl500_aa240_.jpgFood prices, like everything else, are on the rise. As the prices of coffee, sugar, grain, and other basics go up and up, it gets harder and harder to keep up and in stock. Canning and preserving are a cost-effective alternative that seems to be gaining momentum again. The results are usually tastier, more healthy and possibly even safer than what you’d buy in the supermarket. Consider fresh strawberry jam, brandied peaches, home-made ketchup, dill pickles and a delicious vegetable stock for soup. It does take time and effort but is well worth it. For a couple hours work you’ll have a supply that lasts a couple of months to a year or so. There are several sites that offer tips and advice on preserving and canning: the National Center For Home Food Preservation, Canning Basics For Preserving Food, and this fabulous book will help get you started with all the information you need, including recipes, what jars to use for what and different methods of cooking. I’ll be trying my hand at applesauce and peach butter in the coming weeks. We’ll see how it turns out!

Find It Here: Ball Complete Home Canning Book