Of Condoms and Clotheslines

20384.jpg Did you know that condoms and clotheslines actually have something in common? No? I didn’t either until I read Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet by Eric Sorensen. Well, to find out exactly what they have in common, you’ll have to read the book, but here’s a clue — small actions taken by large numbers of individuals just might be one of the keys to saving our planet. Each chapter in this short, 100-page book highlights one of seven ordinary things that will help us in the fight against global warming. What are those seven things? Tomatoes (the real kind), bicycles, ceiling fans, clotheslines, library books, microchips – and of course, condoms and clotheslines. Check out the book and find out how you can do your part to help save the planet one tomato, one bike ride, and yes, one condom at a time!

Find It Here: Sierra Club

Congrats to Adrienne, Steven, Jameson, Jo and Charlene, winners of a copy of this book!