O for Organic, S for Smart

todshortsleeve-n.pngDo you know what a biome is? Don’t feel bad — I didn’t either until my son got a super soft 100% organic, unbleached cotton t-shirt from the bioME 5 Animal Alphabet Project. Made in the USA using low-impact screenprinting dyes, the shirts are festooned with a bright, bold alphabet letter and corresponding type of animal (N for Newt!) and most interestingly, the name of the featured animal is upside down so the wearer can actually see/read the name when they look down, which, if you think about it, makes perfect sense! This genius idea comes from the creators of bioMe 5 — two architectural designers who are inspired by the visual learning processes inherent in all children, all the while encouraging their environmental awareness. And just so you can feel extra brainy should the question ever come up again, biomes are communities of organisms (as featured on their shirts) adapted to a particular environment, such as deserts, grasslands, aquatics, forests, and tundras. Smart stuff, that bioME 5!

Find it Here: BioME 5

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