Extra Butter, Hold the Poison

41yn6dmffdl_ss260_.jpgButtery, salty, crunchy popcorn…mmmmm. I love the stuff and I used to really love the convenience of microwave popcorn — until I learned that it had Teflon inside the bag. Unfortunately, microwave popcorn is now regarded by toxicologists as a major source of PFOC, the toxic chemical found in traditional “non-stick” cookware. After giving up the bags, I searched high and low for a non-plastic microwave popcorn popper and I thought I’d never find one until a friend sent me a Silicone Zone Microware glass popcorn popper as a gift. It contains no plastic or Teflon and makes some really awesome popcorn, complete with butter, and takes no longer than it does to nuke a bag of microwave poison popcorn.

Find It Here: Silicone Zone Microware Popcorn Popper