Lead-Free, Worry-Free Toys

m01.gifOne of the scariest things to discover is that one of the toys your child has been chewing/sucking on/mouthing etc. might contain lead. After all the toy recalls last year, I began to wonder which toys we owned might have lead in them and, unfortunately, I am still not completely sure whether all of our toys are safe. If you’re looking for a way to find safer toys for your kids without having to do a ridiculous amount of research into the safety of each potential purchase, then you’ll love the online shop No Strings Attached Toys. Each and every toy they feature in their store has been tested for unsafe lead levels with an X-Ray Flourescence device to ensure that all painted surfaces (as well as all plastics and other surface materials) on every toy fall far below the federal allowable limit of lead. They even post their toy testing results online so that you can search products and see whether the toy tested low, medium, high or extremely high for lead content. Hello safer, easier toy shopping! Buh-bye big box stores!

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