Action Alert: Ban Phthalates in Toys

action.pngThe Breast Cancer Fund needs your help to urge House members to include a ban on phthalates in toys in the Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act. Phthalates make plastic toys soft and flexible, but when kids put them in their mouths, phthalates can leach from toy to child. And since phthalates have been linked to birth defects, early puberty (a risk factor for breast cancer) and testicular cancer, they have no place in our kids’ toys, as far as these green moms are concerned! If you don’t like the idea of phthalates in your kids’ toys either, then please write to the four members of the committee who are currently undecided or blocking the inclusion of the ban on phthalates in the CPSC Reform Act, and urge them to protect the health of America’s kids by voting yes on this amendment.

Take Action: Support the Ban on Phthalates in Kids’ Toys