A Happy, Safe, and Green 4th to You!

182445397_442592efd2_m.jpgIt turns out that all those fireworks I’ve set off over the years haven’t been so good for the environment. For one thing, the chemicals burned off in the process of igniting the fireworks are hazardous. Plus, fireworks are not recyclable. But what 4th of July holiday is the same without them? Here are a few tips we’ve gathered from around the web to help green your holiday:

  1. Cut down on the number of fireworks set off in your community by gathering neighbors and friends to watch fireworks together.
  2. Clean up fireworks promptly so ash and chemicals don’t blow through the air overnight.
  3. Contact your city’s hazardous waste facility to see if they have any special requirements for disposal.
  4. Skip the fireworks altogether and get the kids some ribbon streamers instead!

Tipped off by EnviroHumanImpact and Inhabitat

May you have a safe and happy 4th of July!

[Image courtesy of Grundlepuck]