Your Good Deed for the Day

action.pngAt Green Mom Finds, we believe that buying less, in tandem with making eco-conscious shopping decisions, is one way to move towards a greener planet. However, we also believe that advocating for changes in government and corporate policy is critical to gaining the large-scale changes we want to see in product safety and sustainability.

So in a break from our regularly scheduled programming, we bring you a few key actions around issues that we think are particularly important to parents and families. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can make your opinion heard. Remember, parents are a huge constituency — our voice matters!

  • Support Research on Hormone Disruptors! The Environmental Hormone Disruption Research Act would establish a comprehensive research program to better understand the impact of hormone-disrupting pollutants in the environment on the health of women and children. Ask your representative to co-sponsor this critical bill!
  • Ban Phthalates from Toys! Phthalates have been linked to a number of serious health problems including birth defects, early puberty (a risk factor for breast cancer) and testicular cancer. So why are they still in our kids toys?? Send a message to Congress to join the European Union and 14 countries around the world to ban phthalates from toys.

  • No More BPA in Baby Bottles! Let’s get the BPA out of baby bottles and children’s products once and for all! Moms Rising is trying to get 20,000 petition signatures to call on the CEOs of the leading manufacturers of baby bottles to stop the use of the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA). Sign the petition and send the message that we won’t stand for toxic chemicals in our children’s products!


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