Use Your Green to Go Green

pursebook.jpgWhile shopping just to shop is definitely not green, using our dollars to support eco-friendly products and services wherever possible certainly is green. In fact, it’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to send a message to companies about the quality and type of products that we demand – whether it be BPA-free bottles or fair-trade clothing. If you are striving to be a more eco-conscious consumer, then check out the new book Big Green Purse. Written by environmental advocate Diane MacEachern, Big Green Purse outlines where your dollars can have the most impact and how to avoid getting sucked into “greenwashing” marketing techniques. More than just a shopping guide, Big Green Purse offers tips and advice to green almost every aspect of your life – from organic gardening and safer baby items to green cleaning and energy saving techniques. Her viewpoint is that by shopping smarter (and less often!) we can help protect the planet, and we happen to agree!

Find It Here: Big Green Purse

Congratulations to Jessica, Julie, Robin, Kimberly and Ana, winners of a copy of Big Green Purse!