Sustainable Seafood

fishcode.pngFor a number of different reasons, including overfishing, pollution and global warming, our oceans are in jeopardy. Now Greenpeace has launched an interactive site to inform conscientious consumers how best to shop for ocean-friendly fish. By ranking the purchasing practices of the top 20 supermarkets and providing a supermarket scorecard, the site represents a new approach to tackling this crisis, holding supermarkets accountable for their role in supporting unsustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations. Check out the fish on the “red” list and consider avoiding these fish when possible, then take a look at their supermarket scorecard to see how your local stores stack up.

Find It Here: Greenpeace

Take Action: Our oceans are one of earth’s greatest natural resources. Help protect them for future generations by signing the Greenpeace petition to tell supermarkets, “no more fishy business!”