Soft, Organic Swaddling Sweetness

h102-2t.jpgFor the first few weeks when my son was born, one of the only things that would soothe him at night was to be swaddled tightly in a blanket. My only problem was that the blankets I used never seemed big enough to get a secure wrap. If only I had know about the Solana Swaddle Wrap! Handmade in the USA, these blankets are perfect for swaddling for so many reasons – they are oversized so you’ll have enough fabric to get a tight swaddle; they are super soft and lightweight; and just as important in my book, they are made of 100% organic cotton and without the use of chemicals. While practical and eco-friendly, the wraps are also pretty – each one is finished with an organic cotton sateen trim in pink, blue, or green. Perfect for summer, use it as a swaddler by night and throw them over your stroller as a sunshade by day. Guaranteed to make you a perfect baby burrito!

Find It Here: Solana Babywear

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