Smarty Pants

bg.jpgThe environmental benefits of cloth diapers over disposables are well known by many. Unfortunately, the perception that cloth diapers are a pain in the you-know-what to clean and care for is still widespread. But thanks to innovative moms like bumGenius creator Jenn Labit, new designs in cloth diaper technology are continually being introduced to make it easier than ever to cloth diaper. One of our favorite cloth diapers is the bumGenius. A diaper and diaper cover all in one, they will continue to fit children as they grow from 7-35 pounds, which means that one diaper is all you need from infancy to toddlerhood. And don’t worry, there are no pins required. The stretchy tabs we all love create a snug and comfortable fit that allows the diaper to be less bulky. One might even venture to say they are as easy as using disposables, but without the landfill waste or nasty chemicals. No wonder they’re called bumGENIUS!

Find It Here: Belly Sprout

Congratulations to Cyndy S., winner of two BumGenius diapers in white with a small red wet bag from Bummis courtesy of Belly Sprout!