Shower Time

turtle1.jpgAfter a quick Google search, I learned that the average American showers for around eight minutes, which equals about 12 gallons of water/shower. Now, I’ll admit that I love a long hot shower. I do. But I also realize that shaving just two minutes from my shower time wouldn’t be that hard, but would add up to big water savings — three gallons, to be exact. That’s 21 gallons a week or 1,092 gallons a year — wow! Saving water in the shower is made easy with these Digital Shower Timers available from Ripple Products. Available in a variety of designs, these digital timers attach to your shower wall and function much like a stopwatch (also features a built-in clock). Set the timer to the desired amount of time you’d like to shower and a little alarm will sound when your time is up. Of course, you don’t have to get out but think of how totally green and eco-fab it will make you feel knowing you saved 21 gallons of water that week!

Find It Here: Ripple Products

Congrats to Barbara, Laura, Rebecca, Judy and Andrea, winners of a turtle shower timer!