Shower Time

turtle1.jpgAfter a quick Google search, I learned that the average American showers for around eight minutes, which equals about 12 gallons of water/shower. Now, I’ll admit that I love a long hot shower. I do. But I also realize that shaving just two minutes from my shower time wouldn’t be that hard, but would add up to big water savings — three gallons, to be exact. That’s 21 gallons a week or 1,092 gallons a year — wow! Saving water in the shower is made easy with these Digital Shower Timers available from Ripple Products. Available in a variety of designs, these digital timers attach to your shower wall and function much like a stopwatch (also features a built-in clock). Set the timer to the desired amount of time you’d like to shower and a little alarm will sound when your time is up. Of course, you don’t have to get out but think of how totally green and eco-fab it will make you feel knowing you saved 21 gallons of water that week!

Find It Here: Ripple Products

Congrats to Barbara, Laura, Rebecca, Judy and Andrea, winners of a turtle shower timer!

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In The Garden of Readin’

organicmag.jpgThe only way I garden is organically. Why use mainstream pesticides and herbicides when you can achieve the same thing organically? Sure, it may take you a bit longer, but your garden (and your health) will thank you for it. One of my favorite resources is On the site you can find regular features such as Fresh Picks, which features short articles such as Meet the Beneficial Insects; Slide Show, a feature centered around photos, and OG Solutions, a series of guides that cover everything you need to know for organic gardening success. Keep informed with their free newsletter, visit the community message board to discuss gardening topics with other gardeners and be sure to enter the weekly giveaway for some great prizes! Organic Gardening is also available in print format and whether you’re an organic gardener already or considering becoming one, it should be at the top of your ‘Must Subscribe’ list.

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