It’s Only Toxic to Germs

votft.jpgWhen I found out that the chemicals used in conventional disinfectants can be toxic, I was compelled to start searching for safer alternatives. At least one mom out there has taken it a step further and has created and bottled her own non-toxic disinfectant! Mompreneur Christine Stewart developed her All-Natural Alternative to Antibacterial Disinfectants after finding out about the health hazards of using chemical cleaners. Modeled after the well-known Vinegar of the Four Thieves formula, Christine’s disinfectant is made from white distilled vinegar and certified-organic herbs and spices grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. That means you can spray it all over your house to kill germs and never have to worry about what kind of chemicals you (and your kids) are breathing in or getting on your skin. I’m actually considering sending a case of this stuff to my sister — she’s just completed a twelve step program for Lysol abuse and needs a good alternative.

Find It Here: For My Kids

Congratulations to Shirley, Bree, Beth and Kelly, winners of a bottle of All-Natural Alternative to Antibacterial Disinfectants courtesy of For My Kids!

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Sustainable Seafood

fishcode.pngFor a number of different reasons, including overfishing, pollution and global warming, our oceans are in jeopardy. Now Greenpeace has launched an interactive site to inform conscientious consumers how best to shop for ocean-friendly fish. By ranking the purchasing practices of the top 20 supermarkets and providing a supermarket scorecard, the site represents a new approach to tackling this crisis, holding supermarkets accountable for their role in supporting unsustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations. Check out the fish on the “red” list and consider avoiding these fish when possible, then take a look at their supermarket scorecard to see how your local stores stack up.

Find It Here: Greenpeace

Take Action: Our oceans are one of earth’s greatest natural resources. Help protect them for future generations by signing the Greenpeace petition to tell supermarkets, “no more fishy business!”

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Oh Baby, Organic Baby

us-babybw.jpgBecoming a parent changed me in ways I never would have expected. And I’m talking about more than just stretch marks! I realized that being responsible for a new life means doing whatever I can to make them safe, healthy and happy – and for me, that extended to making my children’s environment as safe and natural as possible. If you’re like me (always looking for good resources for information on natural and eco-friendly alternatives and products), then I’m got a great new resource for you – Organic Baby. Developed by New Zealand mother Lianne Earles, this web directory contains articles on topics from safer skin care options to cloth diapering FAQs, and the online shopping directory provides great suggestions on where to find natural and organic products. While much of the site is available for free to anyone, you also have the option to sign up for a membership, which earns you a fab organic cotton tee or onesie, automatic entry into a monthly prize draw, exclusive discounts, refer-a-friend rewards and more. The only thing you might not get is a cure for those stretch marks. 🙂

Find It Here: Organic Baby

Congratulations to Michael B., winner of a one year membership in the US Organic Baby Club, including a free organic cotton tee or onesie and all the other membership benefits!

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Hey Mr. Green!

20188.jpgWhen is the right time to replace an old refrigerator? Is it more environmentally correct to buy your beer in bottles or cans? And is it okay to knit a sweater with acrylic (petroleum-based) yarn? Bob “Mr. Green” Schildgen, writer of a column in Sierra magazine and author of Hey Mr. Green, is the go-to guy for questions like those, always answered with humor and a common sense approach to green living. Schildgen is proof positive that being green does NOT have to be serious or boring. And because he has all the research and experience of the Sierra Club behind him, you can be assured he knows that of which he speaks. Now the editors of Sierra magazine have taken the very best of the Mr. Green column and organized it in book form with categories like At Home, Food for Thought, Out and About, The Three R’s and The Big Picture, which considers how the environment, politics, religion and other issues intersect with each other. If you’ve got questions, Mr. Green has the answers in this thoroughly enjoyable book.

Find it Here: Hey Mr. Green

Congratulations to Bobbye F. and Marion B., winners of a copy of the book Hey Mr. Green donated by The Sierra Club. Additionally, Eco-Libris will plant a tree for each of these copies as part of their commitment to sustainable reading.

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Soft, Organic Swaddling Sweetness

h102-2t.jpgFor the first few weeks when my son was born, one of the only things that would soothe him at night was to be swaddled tightly in a blanket. My only problem was that the blankets I used never seemed big enough to get a secure wrap. If only I had know about the Solana Swaddle Wrap! Handmade in the USA, these blankets are perfect for swaddling for so many reasons – they are oversized so you’ll have enough fabric to get a tight swaddle; they are super soft and lightweight; and just as important in my book, they are made of 100% organic cotton and without the use of chemicals. While practical and eco-friendly, the wraps are also pretty – each one is finished with an organic cotton sateen trim in pink, blue, or green. Perfect for summer, use it as a swaddler by night and throw them over your stroller as a sunshade by day. Guaranteed to make you a perfect baby burrito!

Find It Here: Solana Babywear

Deal: Use code ‘greenmom’ for a 10% discount on your purchase at Solana Babywear!

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The Belle of the Babywearing Ball

lifestyle_orange.jpgIn my mind, there is nothing sexier than a man who is “man” enough to wear his baby in a carrier. So when I heard about a new line of carriers designed by two fathers, I just had to check it out. The Belle Baby Carrier was designed by Seth Murray and Mark LeBeau who are fathers, outdoorsmen, and designers/engineers in the climbing industry. The carriers are made to hold babies 10lbs – 25lbs, both outward and inward facing, and have been referred to as the “infant” version of the popular Ergo carrier because they are designed to distribute weight to the hips, not the shoulders. Not only is the carrier comfortable and stylish (and by the way, touted by celebrities), but we especially like that the company is committed to eco-friendly practices. Belle Carriers are made locally in Colorado and include a line in 100% organic cotton and hemp fabrics and environmentally friendly dyes. The waist belt is made out out of yoga mat manufacturing remnants and their packaging is made from recyclable cardboard. Suffice it to say that they take reducing, reusing and recycling very seriously, and they make a good (and green) baby carrier, too — for both mamas and papas!

Find It Here: Belle Baby Carriers

Win It: We’re giving away a Belle Baby Carrier in organic cotton! Simply leave a comment in the giveaway thread in our brand spankin’ new Community Forum and you’ll be entered to win! U.S. residents eligible. Enter by 6/30/08.

Deal: Receive 20% off your purchase with code ‘Mommies’ at checkout!

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