Green Mom Forum Giveaways!

Have you checked out our snazzy new community forum yet? We are excited that over 200 of our smart (and let’s be honest, totally attractive) readers have joined already! We are chatting it up about all sorts of things, including non-toxic cleaners, plastic bag alternatives, and composting, to name a few.

Now, about those giveaways…to make the forum even more fun, we are planning lots of exciting giveaways just for members. Woo-hoo! We LOVE givin’ stuff away!

frost_large.jpgThis week, enter to win this fun and funky reusable canvas shopping tote, courtesy of Skeeda. I own two of their bags and I am always complimented on them when I’m shopping. They are great for jazzing up your grocery store jaunts! Go here to enter – it’s easy! U.S. and Canadian residents eligible for this contest. Enter by 7/10/08.

Also in the forum…

  • Member question of the week: “We have ants coming into our apartment this month and I’d appreciate suggestions for green products to eliminate/prevent their intrusion.” – Frances. Got a tip to suggest? Share it here…
  • Video of the week: 350 – find out why this is the most important number in the world.

Please note that our forum is now closed.