Cupcakes for Your Little Cupcake

cupcake-sheets.jpgTreehuggers agree – growing cotton organically is far better for the environment than growing cotton conventionally. Not only are all those pesticides and fertilizers bad for the environment, but they’re hazardous to workers, too. When it comes to buying organic cotton, what better place to start then with your baby’s bedding? If you’re working on the nursery, then check out these crib sheets by Kee-Ka. Made of 100% certified organic cotton with low-impact dyes, these sheets are 220 thread count, machine washable, and fit standard crib mattresses. Oh and they come with a totally cute cupcake motif for girls and an equally adorable monkey motif for boys. While buying organic cotton crib sheets is generally more expensive, I say we can make up the difference by buying only one or two sheets instead of three or four. And plus, who can resist that cupcake motif? I can barely resist it and I have two boys!

Find It Here: NewBornMom

Congratulations to Saundra M., winner of a set of organic cotton crib sheets courtesy of NewBornMom!

Eco Fact: It takes 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to produce enough cotton for a t-shirt, and 3/4 of a pound for a pair of jeans.