Toilet Paper Rolls? Yes, Toilet Paper Rolls

reduce.jpgYou’re probably thinking we’ve lost our marbles over here at Green Mom Finds. Why on Earth would we be posting about empty toilet paper rolls?? Well, before you have us committed, let me explain. We believe that some of our greatest green finds are right under our noses – they’re things that are lying around the house, and are just screaming to be re-used before heading to the trash or the recycle bin. And what’s greener than finding new uses for old things? So, every now and then, we’re going to feature a find that you already have, but didn’t even know it!

Now, back to the toilet paper rolls. Did you know that there are 101 things you can do with a toilet paper roll before you toss it or recycle it? It’s true! Example – did you know that empty toilet paper rolls are pirates’ telescopes? Yeah, my kid totally played “pirate” with one for 30 minutes yesterday, which is approximately 20 minutes longer (and $20 cheaper) than the last plastic toy we begrudgingly bought him. Toilet paper rolls are also bolling pins, safari binoculars, and whatever else you and your child can think up. All your child needs is his or her imagination and a couple empty rolls. And if you’re lucky, it might be so fun that you even get left alone for a whole half and hour! What could be better than that?!

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[Image source: Inria]