Seeds of Change

pps15394b.jpgPlanting season is upon us and whether you’re just beginning or a “seasoned” pro, Seeds of Change is a great resource for all your certified organic, non-GMO seed needs. Since 1989 they’ve strived to help promote sustainable, organic agriculture and to preserve biodiversity in an ever-changing environment. With over 600 different varieties of traditional and heirloom seeds available, the hardest part might be choosing what NOT to plant. Got kids? You can get them involved with the Children’s Garden Collection of seeds. On the eco tip, Seeds of Change recently switched their seed packs to new, reusable, recyclable envelopes. They have a longer shelf life, can be resealed to store unplanted seed, reused for other purposes, or recycled as #1 plastic. You can order from their catalog, on-line or by phone, as well as sign up for their monthly e-newsletter to keep up with everything that’s happening on at Seeds of Change.

Find It Here: Seeds of Change