Money Talks, Co-op America Rocks

Co op americaWhile buying less is always preferable, we’re not completely immune to the joys of shopping. But remember, when you shop, your dollar speaks for you — whether you want it to or not. Enter Co-op America, a program that has tackled the noble task of teaching consumers how to shop responsibly with their Responsible Shopper program. By alerting consumers to a company’s practices you will become better informed and learn which companies are truly environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Take a stroll through the alphabetized list of companies on their site and get the scoop on the good and bad and the ugly of corporate America. If you’re struck with the urge to do something positive, check out the Actions page where you can join different campaigns like the Adopt-A-Supermarket Campaign, the Green Supermarket Pledge or Six Degrees of Exploitation, to name just a few — because as long as your dollars are speaking for you, they ought to be saying something worthwhile, yes?

Find It Here: Responsible Shopper