Recycle Your Cell Phone, Save the Environment

04_19_16_prev.jpgDo you have a cell phone (or two or three) that are no longer working and are just gathering dust in your junk drawer? Since cell phones are considered toxic waste, throwing them away is a bad option. So if you’re looking for a way to recycle them, then check out this great offer by TerraPass and RipMobile. You send RipMobile your old cell phone and not only will they recycle it for you, but you’ll also receive a gift certificate redeemable for any TerraPass product to offset carbon emissions from your car, business or home. They’ll even pay the costs for shipping them your phone! Sounds like a great deal all around – not to mention the added perk of cleaning up that junk drawer.

Find It Here: TerraPass & RipMobile

Tipped off by: Healthy Child, Healthy World

Photo credit: Ian Britton