Pretty Peas, Please

daniel-on-hands_wb.jpgThough I love fruits and vegetables now, I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat a single vegetable when I was a kid without some sort of protest. Maybe if my parents had been able to send me to bed in New Jammies, I would have started enjoying my vegetables a lot sooner. Made of super soft 100% organic cotton, New Jammies fruit and vegetable print pajamas for kids and babies feature brightly colored images of bananas, blueberries, carrots, peas, tangerines and apples along with cute little phrases like “Apple of My Eye” and “Pretty Peas Please.” The icing on the cake carrots is the little book that comes with every pair. Filled with pictures of happy produce, counting games, rhymes and a short story, it really does make fruits and vegetables look fun; like something kids would enjoy instead of something yucky their parents insist they eat — and take it from a former world-class vegetable hater, getting little ones on the path to healthy eating in a positive way is half the battle in the veggie wars.

Find It Here: New Jammies

Congrats to Emily H., winner of a New Jammies pajama set!